Champions League Quarterfinals: 4 giants and Serie A

07:37 - 21/03/2023 - Admin

The four matchups for the quarterfinals and semifinal brackets of the Champions League have been determined. It will be an exciting clash between the strongest clubs in Europe at the moment.

We will witness high-level clashes in Europe or reunions full of fate. Compared to last season, the quarterfinal matchups are considered much more attractive.

1. Real Madrid vs Chelsea: The King faces The Blues again


The draw has once again pitted Real Madrid against Chelsea in the quarterfinals. This match will see a reenactment of last season’s semi-final and the quarterfinal clash from the previous season. It’s a matchup full of fate, as both Real Madrid and Chelsea had to suffer defeat to the eventual champion in those seasons.

Real Madrid has shown their Champions League pedigree by convincingly overcoming Liverpool over two legs. Meanwhile, Chelsea, despite their poor form in the Premier League, managed to come from behind to beat the impressive Dortmund, who are in the best form in Europe at the moment.

The head-to-head record favors Chelsea going into the upcoming clash, which provides a foundation for The Blues’ fans to continue dreaming of winning the Champions League for the third time.

However, Real Madrid is gradually replicating their journey to become champions last season by eliminating an English team in the knockout stage and setting their sights on their prey from the Premier League, Chelsea.

2. Man City vs Bayern Munich: A classic European showdown and the return of Cancelo, Sane


A match between two of the most beautiful and efficient playing teams in Europe at the moment. Two heavyweight contenders for the championship title will face each other and this is nothing less than an early final of the tournament.

Man City’s first-time ambition to be crowned champions will be challenged by Bayern Munich – the opponent that any team would want to avoid. The Citizens have equipped themselves with a “gun” named Haaland to win their first Champions League title. Pep Guardiola has also understood Bayern Munich to some extent during his three-year tenure at Allianz Arena.

However, Bayern is a team with resilience and toughness, vastly different from the confusing and inexplicable nature of Man City when they step onto the European stage. If there are no changes from last season, it’s not surprising if Man City is defeated by Nagelsmann’s army.

This matchup is also noteworthy because of the encounter between Cancelo and Sane with Pep Guardiola – the former favorite pupils of the Spanish strategist. It’s ironic if these two players contribute to extinguishing the ambitions of their former coach and team.

3. Inter Milan vs Benfica: The battle of two underrated teams


This match may not have received much attention, but the technical matchup between these two teams still brings excitement. Both Inter Milan and Benfica have shown their discomfort and determination in this year’s Champions League.

Benfica has shown their quality by topping a group that included PSG and Juventus. The Portuguese team continued their domination by defeating the Belgian champions 7-1 in the knockout stage and also becoming the team with the most goals in the Champions League so far with 25.

As for Inter Milan, they reached the quarterfinals after a 12-year wait. The Nerazzurri have shown effectiveness and certainty in their style of play. The evidence is that they kept a clean sheet in both matches against Porto and got one goal to secure their spot in the quarterfinals.

Both Inter Milan and Benfica will make history by reaching the semifinals. This is the battle of the two most underrated teams in Europe at the moment, and the team that is luckier and has more courage will be the name that moves on.

4. AC Milan vs Napoli: The Derby Italia in the heart of Europe


It’s a surprise to see a Derby Italia match taking place in the quarterfinals of the Champions League. Napoli, who swept through their domestic league to make it to Europe, will face an AC Milan team that is very excited after reaching the quarterfinals for the first time in over 10 years.

Napoli is still considered to be slightly better than the “Old Lady” at the moment thanks to their devastating form. However, this is the Champions League, and AC Milan still has the right to be confident due to their past glories supporting them.

Whichever team wins will bring pride to Italy in this year’s European Cup by making it to the semifinals, and even further to the final in Budapest, and ultimately, the championship. This is not far-fetched given what both AC Milan and Napoli have shown up until this point.

The Derby Italia is always a fiercely competitive match, and this time it’s no exception. It will be a battle between two Italian giants, and the winner will have the honor of representing Italy in the latter stages of the Champions League.

Semifinal bracket 1 brings a high level of expertise between the four teams: Bayern Munich, Man City, Real Madrid, and Chelsea. It will be an all-English clash between Man City vs Chelsea or another high-level showdown between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid.

Semifinal bracket 2 is like a mini Serie A with three teams: Inter Milan, AC Milan, and Napoli. If Benfica doesn’t win in the quarterfinals and semifinals, Italy will definitely have a team in the Champions League final after an 8-year wait.

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