Chelsea Schedule Premier League in August 2022

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Chelsea FC schedule for the 2022 English Premier League season in August.

The latest English Premier League 2022 – 2023 seasons are about to kick off. Instantly update the latest Chelsea schedule for the first round of 2022 – 2023 EPL seasons.

Chelsea’s football schedule in the La Liga 2022/23

Chelsea officially has a new chairman after Roman Abramovich withdrew. They are having good preparation for their first round in the 2022 – 2023 English Premier League season by recruiting several players from other teams to strengthen the Chelsea schedule lineup squad.

Here is the Chelsea football schedule in August 2022 for their first round.

Chelsea schedule on TV

Here is the first round of Chelsea FC schedule from 2021/22 in August 2022. We will instantly update our viewers on the latest Chelsea fixtures and matches and the team’s anticipated starting lineup.

Saturday, 06th August 2022
17:30 06th August Everton vs Chelsea
Sunday, 14th August 2022
16:3 14th August  Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspurs
Sunday, 21st August 2022
14:00 21st August  Leeds United vs Chelsea 
Saturday, 27th August 2022
15:00 27th August Chelsea vs Leicester City 
Tuesday, 30th August 2022
19:45 30th August Southampton vs Chelsea 

Chelsea’s schedule match previews 

When there was an official Chelsea schedule released, plenty of pre-match score predictions were made. Here are some match predictions for Chelsea fixtures in the Premier League based on the club’s current situation.

Everton vs Chelsea predicted lineups

Everton vs Chelsea predicted lineups


This is the first debut match of Chelsea’s schedule in the 2022 – 2023 EPL seasons. Chelsea were in 4th place and they are looking forward to a victory under the new Stamford Bridge owner. Based on the current condition of Chelsea fixtures in 2022 after the summer market, the score prediction for the matches could be Everton 0 – Chelsea 1.

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Chelsea vs Tottenham Hotspurs predictions

Chelsea, Tottenham, and Liverpool all finished in the top 4 in the Premier League last season. And their goal for the next EPL season will be the Champions of the EPL and advance to the Champion League final round in 2023 – 2024.

During the summer transfer market, the new Chelsea owner recruited plenty of valued players, not only to strengthen their lineup squad but also advance further into the UEFA Champions League final match. On the other hand, Tottenham Hotspurs are also making a variety of preparations to conquer the top 4 qualifying spots for the next season of the UEFA Champions League.

Based on the history between the two teams, Chelsea has won 69 matches, 37 matches ended in a draw, and only 49 were defeated by Tottenham. 

The score prediction before the Chelsea fixtures, 2021/22 kick-offs could be Chelsea 3 – Tottenham 2.

Chelsea vs Leicester City prediction

Chelsea vs Leicester City prediction

Another great Chelsea fixture in the Premier League is the match against Leicester City – the EPL champions in 2016. Based on the team’s competitive history, Chelsea FC has 58 victories in 120 matches against Leicester City, compared to 28 victories from the King Power owner. However, the performances between the two teams recently have been kind of stable.

In the last 10 matches, each football club has had 3 victories and 4 draws. In particular, Leicester City’s performances were better at that time. They have beaten Chelsea twice. The first one was at their home stadium, and the most important victory was during the FA Cup final match.

Based on two team conditions before Chelsea’s fixtures in the 2021/22 season start. The score prediction could be: Chelsea 1 – Leicester City 1.

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Chelsea schedules channels to watch

After the upcoming Chelsea fixtures matchday was released, where to watch Chelsea fixtures premier league match day is a big question for all of the fans. Based on their geographical location, viewers can watch the Chelsea football schedule on several channels and live streaming platforms:

    • UK: Sky Sports, BT Sport
    • USA: USA Network, Telemundo, Universo
    • Live streaming platform: NOW TV, Sky Go, Amazon Prime, Fubo TV, and Peacock 

While enjoying the Chelsea fixtures on tv, the viewer will have the opportunity to watch Chelsea fixtures premier league with fully English commentator, before match day analysis, and the highlight video which will be released by the team social media or Premier League organized right after the match finished.

Stay tuned for the Chelsea schedules for the 2022 – 2023 English Premier League season so that you do not miss any exciting matches for the team.