Everton schedule English Premier League in August 2022

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The latest English Premier League 2022 – 2023 seasons are about to kick off. Instantly update the latest Everton schedule for the first round of the 2022 – 2023 EPL seasons. 

Everton’s football schedule in August

The 2021 – 2022 English Premier League seasons were such a disaster for Frank Lampard’s head coach and his team members. To prepare for the 2022 – 2023 EPL seasons, Everton has recruited plenty of players to strengthen their lineup squad, not only for the EPL seasons but also for the United Kingdom domestic football cup league. 

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Everton match schedule for 2022/23

Here is the first round of Everton scheduled for August 2022. We will instantly update our viewers on the latest Everton game schedule this August and the team’s anticipated starting lineup.

Saturday, 06th August 2022
23:30 06th August Everton vs Chelsea FC
Saturday, 13th August 2022
18:3013th August  Aston Villa vs Everton 
Saturday, 20th August 2022
21:00 20th August  Everton vs Nottingham Forest 
Saturday, 27th August 2022
21:00 27th August  Brentford vs Everton 
Wednesday, 31st August 2022
02:00 31st August Leeds United vs Everton 

Everton match schedule 2022 previews 

When there was an official Everton schedule released, plenty of pre-match score predictions were made. Here are some match predictions for Everton games in the Premier League based on the club’s current situation.

Everton vs Chelsea predictions

Everton vs Chelsea predictions

Everton have to face Chelsea FC as the first opponent on their game schedule. Based on their competition history, Everton and Chelsea have faced each other 175 times, and Chelsea have had better performances than Everton. The western London football club had 67 victories against Everton’s 55.

The last time Chelsea were guests against Everton, they had to receive a minimum of a 0-1 defeat against the home team.

Based on the current conditions of both clubs, the pre-matchup score prediction could be: Everton 0 – Chelsea 1.

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Aston Villa vs Everton predicted lineups

Aston Villa vs Everton predicted lineups

Aston Villa is one of the Everton schedules for 2022 as an away team. Based on the two teams’ competition history, Everton has had better performances against Aston Villa, with 3 victories in the English Premier League seasons. This match is predicted to be another tough match for Frank Lampard and his players if they want to stay in the Premier League. 

Overall, the Everton FC schedule in August is the perfect chance for Frank Lampard and his players to warm up after a long summer vacation. Otherwise, this Everton schedule of 22/23 seasons in August is a great opportunity for all the new rookies to get on well with the English Premier League environment. 

Everton vs Nottingham Forest 

Nottingham Forest has just advanced to the 2022 – 2023 English Premier League and their first match will be against Everton as an away team. In the past, Everton and Nottingham Forest have faced each other once, with a draw result. 

However, Everton’s last season was not as good as they expected. Frank Lampard and his players almost had to go to the 2022 – 2023 English Championship seasons. This could be to the advantage of Nottingham Forest in the 2022 – 2023 EPL seasons. 

Based on the current conditions of both teams, the predicted score for the match could be Everton 1 – Nottingham Forest 1.

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Everton TV schedules channels to watch

After the upcoming Everton schedules matchday was released, where to watch Everton schedule 2022/23  on premier league match day is a big question for all of Everton fans. Based on their geographical location, viewers can watch the Everton game schedule on several channels and live streaming platforms: 

  • UK: Matches are carried across Sky Sports and BT Sport streaming and TV platforms, with select matches on Amazon Prime
  • Livestreaming platform: The Everton schedule will be live streamed on the Everton FC website.

While enjoying the Everton TV schedule, the viewer will have the opportunity to watch Chelsea fixtures, Premier League, with a fully English commentator, before the match day analysis and the highlight video, which will be released by the team on social media or Premier League organized right after the match is finished.

Stay tuned for the Everton schedules for the 2022 – 2023 English Premier League season so that you do not miss any exciting matches for the team. Watch more football schedules on Livefootballgameschedule.