2 goals ahead, Liverpool still lost to Real Madrid … 2-5

09:40 - 22/02/2023 - Admin

Last night, the first leg of the 1/8 Champions League 2022/23 at Anfield closed with the “unbelievable” scenario when the home team lost to the tournament’s house in advance 2 goals. In addition, both goalkeepers made mistakes, “giving” the opponent the opportunity to score goals.

Scoring: Nunez (4 ‘); Mohamed Salah (14 ‘) – Vinicius (21’, 36 ‘); Militao (47 ‘); Benzema (55 ‘, 67’)

The predestined relationship between Liverpool and Real Madrid in the Champions League continues to be extended this season. For the fourth time in the last 6 seasons, the two teams had to meet at the planet’s most prestigious club tournament and the pain was mostly Liverpool.

Accordingly, the “Red Brigade” has been defeated 3 times against Real Madrid, including 2 finals (2018 and 2022) and the remaining quarterfinals are in the quarterfinals in 2021 when The Kop lost the final 1-3 After 2 matches, it should be noted that before this season, the fiery attack play that coach Jurgen Klopp built for Liverpool seemed to reach the highest realm, the grave once believed that they could at least ” Wash hatred “when confronting Real Madrid. But in the end, the Royal team still affirmed the value of the greatest club of the old continent at the right time.

In the three seasons since the championship won at … Madrid (winning Tottenham in 2019), Liverpool stopped in the 1/8 round (lost to Atletico Madrid), the quarterfinals (lost to Real Madrid), and then the finals (Of course losing Los Blancos).

This season, although behind Napoli in Group A (with 15 points, the confrontation coefficient) is still considered a good performance with Liverpool in the fluctuating season from the beginning. After closing the Champions League group stage, Liverpool was eliminated in the two League Cups and FA Cups in turn and had no chance to compete for the Premier League championship.

During that play, The Anfield team even Failed to betre at the Inferior Opponents in the foggy country. However, in the last 2 matches, the tension in Anfield gradually calmed when The Kop won: Before Everton (Derby Merseyside was always fierce and unpredictable) and Newcastle – the team had only lost 1 match in the Premier League before.

More importantly, rookies Darwin Nunez and Cody Gakpo began to be more effective than the opponent’s goal. In addition, Liverpool was really worse but never surrendered in Anfield cathedral. Real Madrid himself won the last 3/4 confrontation against Liverpool, but all at home Bernabeu (1 match) or neutral field. The remaining match at Anfield closed with a 0-0 draw.

This season, Real Madrid has only played sublimated at the beginning since the 2022 World Cup, coach, and coach Ancelotti also staggered, leading to the inferiority against Barcelona in the La Liga championship race. In many matches, they had to rely on the personal glowing moments of the stars to have joy.

However, after winning the FIFA Club World Cup, a great Los Blancos seems to have returned. Real Madrid won the last 4 consecutive matches and do not forget in all circumstances, Real Madrid is always an immortal monument in the Champions League with countless unbelievable victories that sometimes even veteran experts cannot rationality. Floating.

Compared to the Newcastle victory a few days ago, coach Klopp did not make any personnel adjustments on the starting list before Real Madrid – a reasonable thing because it was a long time ago. . If Gakpo or Nunez still played badly, the German military leader was still freaked out when Diogo Jota and Firmino had recovered from injuries but over here they increasingly catch up with Salah. Gomez also has no choice to be too secure, but it is still better than Matip or making a mistake, like Henderson and Fabinho certainly eat Milner or Curtis Jones.

On the other side of the battle line, Real Madrid had 2 single changes compared to the Osasuna victory last weekend when the “Golden Ball 2022” Karim Benzema returned to the squad and Valverde was dragged down the midfield and Carvaj to replace Nacho In the defense. In fact, the prediction of Real’s appearance in important matches is extremely simple because the Champions League champions also have only people and very little fluctuations.

The rare improvised scoring phase of Darwin Nunez

For example, compared to the starting lineup in the Liverpool winner 1-0 9 months ago, this time Real was only different in a few positions. For example, Rudiger (then not yet joined in the center-back position, pushed Alaba to the wing when Mendy was injured. Casemiro was gone and Kroos was sick, so the chance was new to Camavinga (it was supposed to be Tchouameni if his health is guaranteed). While in Rodrygo’s attack, it is certainly difficult to play if the team does not lack personnel trust in the middle because the position next to Benzmea and Vinicius has long been “structured” for Valverde.

When the new time passed more than 3 minutes, the goal appeared and belonged to Liverpool – the team always played extremely burnt under the Anfield dome. The ball was pushed to the right wing for Salah and after the ball broadcast combined with observation, “Messi Egypt” brought the ball gently but sharply toward the 5m50 area. Darwin Nunez moved to catch the ball and made everyone surprised by the impromptu heel movement, making Courtois unable to return because he did not think the opponent decided like that.

This is the 4th goal of the Uruguayan striker in the Champions League this season and is definitely the most impressive since the beginning of the season. Before that, those who followed Liverpool knew that Nunez often had to criticize because of the ability to “turn the goal into an opportunity” but today he had a real superfood.

On the momentum of excitement after the opening goal, Liverpool performed the true “high-end” football that helped them to the top of England and Europe and the Spanish Royal team showed signs of losing their bravery and level. familiar level. In the 12th minute, Salah had the shadow on the right and this time he decided to break through the forbidden area and then launched a left foot kick.

But just a few minutes later, Salah found his own goal thanks to the “tectonic” of … Courtois. Carvajal passed back quite simply and the Belgian goalkeeper also brakes with his chest successfully, but then he lost control of the ball to beat the unintended knee and Salah stood nearby how could he miss a gift like a gift. So.

However, as mentioned, Real Madrid always carries a special “temperament” when stepping out on the Champions League playground and never dreamed of collapsing at this playground, including being “shocked”. Even, only a few minutes, Los Blancos has shortened the score. Vinicius combined 1-2 with Benzema before handling extremely confidently in the middle of the red shirt and then launched the right foot kick too dangerous to the far corner, making the goalkeeper Alisson.

Vinicius made a double with a significant contribution to… Alisson

The successive goals made the match even more attractive. In the 25th minute, Liverpool continued to destroy the left wing of Real Madrid and without Rudiger or Miliao’s rid of the lime, Salah or Nunez was able to put the ball into the net. The visitors responded with another phase of Vinicius made in the same way to shorten the score, but this time, Alisson launched a successful ball.

Even so, something probably never happened at the top of the Champions League that appeared in Anfield when Alisson’s turn made a mistake for “enough goalkeepers”. 36 minutes, Joe Gomez passed a bit “swirling” but the Braizl goalkeeper still has a lot of options, only do not understand why he uses the worst solution: Bringing the ball up in the direction of Vinicius and Money Dao born in 2000 suddenly had a double when the ball hit his feet and flew back to the home team.

In the remaining minutes of the first half, the two sides are constantly “eating tat tat” full of fascinating. Adding some chances of an eating table to be created on each other’s goal but no additional goals are scored. However, at the beginning of the second half, the score table was changed. From the free kick on the left wing and near the penalty area, Luka Modric put the ball simply and Militao freely moved to the net of Alisson when a series of red-shirt players were almost motionless, unable to give obstacles. any.

Not stopping here, Real continued to score for the fourth time in the 55th minute time. And Alisson was helplessly looking at the net.

Concentrating at the beginning of the second half blew a strong blow at Liverpool and they almost could not stand up, even when coach Klopp adjusted the fair by launching Jota and Firmino on the pitch. Liverpool no longer created many dangerous situations on the Real Madrid goal and even received more goals.

In the 67th minute, the old general Modric cut the ball too well for the home field and immediately “opened the device” to start the counterattack. After that, Vinicius pushed the ball slightly but for the Benzema and the French star to be confident and class to remove Alisson and then shot his left foot into the goal that was no longer holding his hand by hand.

With the advantage in hand and bravery is too superfluous, Real Madrid wears “playing” Liverpool both in attack and defense, not just focusing on the crowded army to protect the results. Coach Klopp has released all the cards, using the maximum of the right to replace people, but it is impossible to do anything even if it is just an honor.

Liverpool is considered to have been eliminated

In the end, Liverpool lost 2-5 at Anfield and the next door was closed. Of course, in history, there is no shortage of upstream even if the disadvantage is greater than what Liverpool is owning but please repeat that Liverpool’s opponent is the truly greatest team in the history of the Champions League, and The word “great” here implies many meanings from the number of titles, bravery to the tournament DNA that certainly cannot exist in another team. Since ancient times, Real mainly turns the flag, but rarely drops the advantage, especially up to 3 goals like this.