Liverpool vs Arsenal results: Ramsdale saves late point

02:53 - 10/04/2023 - Admin

Both teams put on a dramatic back-and-forth display with the game constantly changing direction.

Despite being the away team at Anfield, as soon as the kickoff whistle blew, Arsenal pushed forward with an aggressive attack against Liverpool. In the first 30 minutes, Martinelli was the brightest name, continuously shaking up The Kop’s defense.

In the 9th minute, taking advantage of Van Dijk’s ball-handling error, Martinelli quickly darted into the penalty area and shot the ball into Alisson’s net.

The opening goal helped the Gunners play with more confidence and they continuously created more pressure on Liverpool’s goal. In the 28th minute, Arnold again made a cross and once again it was Martinelli who delivered a header to double the lead for the away team.

The heat of the match reached its peak at the end. In a rare effective attacking play, Liverpool scored a goal to shorten the gap.


In the 42nd minute, from Jota’s dribble on the left flank, Henderson made a one-touch pass to Salah at the far post. The Egyptian star then fired a right-footed shot into Ramsdale’s net.

In the second half, the home team had a chance to equalize when they were awarded a penalty in the 53rd minute. But unfortunately, for the second time this season, Salah missed the penalty.

In the following minutes, Liverpool’s manager Klopp did everything he could by bringing on Thiago, Nunez, and Firmino to find the equalizer. Meanwhile, Arsenal defensively retreated to preserve the score.

Just when it seemed like the result was sealed, in the 88th minute, a moment of brilliance happened. Trent Alexander-Arnold weaved past Zinchenko and then crossed the ball into the box. Firmino intelligently positioned himself to head the ball into Ramsdale’s net, equalizing 2-2 for Liverpool.

In the final minutes, it was thanks to Ramsdale’s outstanding performance that Arsenal managed to avoid conceding more goals from Salah and Konate’s shots. Therefore, the draw was maintained.


Liverpool attempted 21 shots against Arsenal but only managed to score 2 goals, partly due to their misfiring attack, especially Salah who missed a penalty in the 54th minute. Additionally, goalkeeper Ramsdale made many outstanding saves.

In the post-match press conference, Manager Klopp declared that Arsenal was lucky to leave Anfield with 1 point. The German coach shared, “This was a very open match. Arsenal was leading with 2 goals. But we reacted very well.

This match was truly dramatic. I don’t understand why Liverpool couldn’t take 3 points with the plethora of chances we created. I’m caught between feelings of happiness and disappointment.

Arsenal played well in this match. However, they should have lost. Arsenal earning 1 point is a good thing.”

The fact that Liverpool could only manage 1 point against Arsenal has hindered their chances of breaking into the top 4. They currently hold 44 points, trailing the leading group by 12 points.


Looking at Arsenal’s manager Arteta, appeared to be very regretful that Arsenal couldn’t leave Anfield with all 3 points: “This was a great match to watch. Arsenal started the match very well.

But the problem was that we conceded just before the end of the first half. This created a big momentum for Liverpool.

In the second half, Arsenal lost control and lost the ball several times. We had to rely on the talent of our goalkeeper in the final minutes of the match. Anyway, a draw is a fair result.

When leading Liverpool 2-0, we clearly had a big advantage. It was an opportunity to end the match, but then Arsenal made mistakes.”

This result made the English Premier League championship race more exciting than ever. At this point, the gap between Arsenal and second-placed Manchester City is only 6 points. However, Arsenal has played one more match and still has a direct confrontation with City at Etihad Stadium on April 27.

Unable to beat Arsenal, Liverpool continues to stay in 8th place in the Premier League table. Looking at Arsenal, they are still on top of the table but now only 6 points ahead of second-placed Manchester City and have played one more match than their title rivals.

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