The UEFA Nation League Schedule For Season 2022/23 On TV 

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Instantly update for the latest UEFA Nations League schedule 2022/23 qualifying rounds, group stage, and knockout stage.

UEFA Nations League season 2022/23

The UEFA Nations League schedule was launched in 2018 to replace the countless international friendlies that filled the dates between more coveted international competitions like the FIFA World Cup and Euros. Instead, each national football team now has a meaningful competition to fill the gaps with each Nations League cycle scheduled to span two years.

In the league, all 55 member nations of the European governing body UEFA are spread across four “leagues” or tiers. Each league was initially created back in 2018 based on the FIFA World Rankings. Since that first edition of the Nations League, teams have won promotion into higher-ranked leagues, while others have suffered relegation to lower tiers based on the national team’s performance.

How do the 2022/23 UEFA Nations League schedules operate? 

UEFA Nation League Schedule

There are a total of four leagues in the UEFA Nations Leagues. Leagues A, B, and C have 16 teams, which will be drawn into four groups in the league phase. The remaining teams will be joined into 2 groups in League D. In each case, teams play all their group opponents home and away in June and September 2022. Four of the six matchdays will be held in June because of the winter schedule of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. 

After the group stage of four leagues has finished, the top four national teams from League A will advance to the knockout stage in June 2022. The winners in the other leagues will all be promoted into League A for the 2023 – 2025 UEFA Nations League schedule. 

The teams finishing fourth in the groups in Leagues A and B will be relegated. The teams finishing fourth in the League C groups will enter the play-outs in March 2024, with the two teams defeated in those ties moving to League D.

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Europa League 2022 schedule 

Here are the most recent UEFA Nations League TV schedules for the whole season:

The UEFA Nations League Schedule 2022/23 seasons

Jun 01st – 04th, 2022 Matchday 1
Jun 05th – 08th, 2022 Matchday 2
Jun 09th – 11th, 2022 Matchday 3
Jun 12th – 14th, 2022  Matchday 4
Sep 22nd – 24th, 2022 Matchday 5
Sep 25th – 27th, 2022  Matchday 6
Final (League A) 
Jun 14th – 18th, 2023 Finals (Host by group 4 winners)
Relegation playoffs (League C) 
March 21st – 26th, 2024 Relegation playoffs 

Which football club has been qualifying for the final stage of the UEFA Europa League?

Here is the list of football clubs that will participate as competitors in the UEFA Nations League 2022/23 schedules:

League A 
France, Denmark, Croatia, Austria Group A1 
Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Czech Republic Group A2
Italy, Germany, England, Hungary Group A3 
Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Wales Group A4
League B 
Ukraine, Scotland, Republic of Ireland, Armenia Group B1 
Iceland, Russia*, Israel, Albania Group B2 
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Finland, Romania, Montenegro Group B3
Sweden, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia Group B4 
League C
Türkiye, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Faroe Islands Group C1 
Northern Ireland, Greece, Kosovo, Cyprus Group C2
Slovakia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan Group C3
Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Georgia, Gibraltar Group C4
League D
Liechtenstein, Moldova, Andorra, Latvia Group D1
Malta, Estonia, San Marino Group D2

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Differences between UEFA Nations Leagues and UEFA Euro 

UEFA Nation League Schedule

There are several differences between the UEFA Nations Leagues and the UEFA Euro, which are: 

The UEFA Euros involve the top 24 best national teams, and it helps to determine who is the best European national team. The UEFA Euro is the most prestigious European national football competition, just after the FIFA World Cup final rounds. 

On the other hand, the UEFA Nations Leagues involve all 55 European national football teams. The goal of this league is to develop football in the weaker countries that are found in the UEFA region and provide another competitive tournament for all the national teams. 

Europa League on TV schedule channels

In the United States, coverage of the UEFA Nations League now belongs to FOX. While FOX only has three channels to broadcast on (FOX, FS1, and FS2), a number of games will be watchable via FuboTV. The streaming service also carries FOX, FS1, and FS2. Therefore, the fuboTV live streaming platform will be the home of the UEFA Nations League in the near future.

Currently, the UEFA Nations League has just played several match days in June 2022 because the 2022 Fifa World Cup final rounds in Qatar will be kicked off in winter. We will instantly update every result from the game as soon as they finish. So do not miss out on any updates from the UEFA Nations League schedule results. 

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